About Source Power

    Source Power Plastic Products Co.,ltd. is a professional manufacturer of parts and accessories for exercise equipment.With manufacturing experience of parts and accessories for exercise equipment for years,we specialize on production of running belt,running deck,foam pad,yoga mat steel code and accessories for exercise equipment.

    Our running belts include the one for motorized treadmill and the one for manual treadmill.The running belt for motorized treadmill is with structure of double cloth bases and double PVC rubber,that makes the running belt with lower ductility and excellent physical character.The special designed cloth base makes the running belt with low noise and good friction character,so as to reduce the lubrication agent adding during normal operation.Meanwhile,the special design of surface pattern provides a good adhesion,suitable for various sole under different force standing.The running belts for manual treadmill are with more than 10 colors for selection.

    Our running decks include the one for motorized treadmill and the one for manual treadmill;their materials can be fiberboard or multi-layer plywood.The wear-resisting layer applied on running deck surface is with the characters of high hardness,wear resisting and selt-lubrication.

    Our foam pads are widely being used on sit-up bench,AB exerciser and gym,etc.Our PVC yoga mats are wonderful for preventing injuries to your joints such as wrist,knee,ankle and your spine.Our mats are soft and flat,when laid out,it grips the floor and stick on,and it is light and easy to carry away.Our steel codes are suitable for application on exercise equipment such as gym,stepper and etc.We have fatigue-testing machine for fatigue testing request from our clients.We also provide PA/PU/PVC coated steel code in roll for clients to cut by themselves.

    All of our products can be made according to size and specification request from clients.

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