Manual Treadmill Belt

Recommended use: Low intensity Home Gym/Personal Use
Top Surface

Black Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Embossed with Grip surface pattern 'Ball'
Centre Core
Single ply rigid weft Polyester material
Underneath (Driving) side
Unique ‘Fluency Backing’, smooth fabric allowing for reduced lubrication intervals. LdB (low decibel fabric) for reduced noise.

Additional Information

Primary goals of research & development achieved aim of generic replacement treadmill belt for Commercial Fitness Centres. Providing optimum mix of Quality, resistance to abrasion, permanent anti-static, reduced lubrication intervals, low energy consumption, low decibel (noise), 2 ply benefits of thickness, stretch resistance and stability, packaged into optimum flexibility of single ply construction.
Total Thickness 1.2mm
Weight 1.5kg/PCS
Elongation at 1% = 12N/mm
Temperature range -10°C Minimum to +60°C Maximum
Flexibility Minimum Pulley (roller) Diameter 30mm
Built-in permanent antistatic (anti static electricity)

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