Latex Tension rope

    Foshan Yuandong Plastic Products Co.,ltd. Is specialized in the production of fitness equipment accessories enterprise. My company has many years of experience in production of fitness equipment accessories, specializing in the production of running belt, running board, fitness equipment with sea felt pad, wire rope and related products and spare parts.

    We produce running zone including electric running belt and mechanical treadmill running belt. Electric treadmill with running belt use double deck cloth base, double PVC rubber and plastic structure, make running belt has low ductility and excellent physical properties, special cloth bottom design, which can reach the normal running of the situation to reduce the effect of the added lubricant, and at the same time, surface pattern unique design, provide good force, suitable for a variety of stress under the condition of various kinds of sole requirement. Mechanical running belt with more than ten colors for the guests choose.

    We produce running plate including electric run plate peace run board, material also is divided into fiberboard and multilayer board two kinds. Running plate surface unique wear-resisting layer has high hardness, wear resistance, self-lubrication characteristics.

    Sports equipment suitable for sea felt pad on board, AB plate and comprehensive training apparatus, etc.

    Sports equipment use wire is suitable for comprehensive training apparatus, step machine and equipment, we have resistance to fatigue testing machine, can satisfy the customer number of the wear test requirements. At the same time can also supply the whole volumes have been with overlying plastic wire for customers to cutting processing.

    All of our products can be according to the customer request the size of production

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